Smart Applications Group

Esther kiringa

Position: Group Sales & Marketing Director
Categories: Leadership

Esther serves as the Group Sales & Marketing Director, In her tenure at Smart Applications, Esther has exhibited a remarkable journey marked by multifaceted contributions. She has been a pivotal force in shaping the revolutionary Smart Automated Medical Scheme Management Solution, which has effectively extended its transformative influence on over 1.6 million customers across more than 11 countries in Africa. Her unwavering passion and dedication have been instrumental in enhancing healthcare access and efficiency on a significant scale.

Esther is emblematic of a performance-driven professional, consistently achieving high benchmarks in her pursuits. Her adeptness in Marketing is a testament to her exceptional competence, with a cumulative experience that spans over 9 years in marketing. As a visionary strategist, she spearheads the development of innovative marketing initiatives that seamlessly align with corporate strategy while capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Esther’s passion resonates deeply with the realm of inclusive secure technologies. She envisions their transformative potential in delivering widespread reach and substantial value across Africa, particularly within essential services. Her acute understanding of the synergy between technology and marketing drives her to explore innovative avenues that not only facilitate growth within the economy but also contribute to the advancement of Africa as a whole. As an invaluable asset, she continues to drive the company’s mission forward while contributing meaningfully to the broader landscape of marketing, technology, and growth in Africa.

Education-wise, Esther’s academic portfolio reflects her commitment to growth through continuous learning and development. Her academic achievements include a master’s degree from the University of Nairobi- an M.A. in Communication. Furthermore, she possesses a B.A. in Information Technology, an indication of her versatile expertise. Notably, she has further honed her professional acumen through training in Project Management Professional (PMP) and has actively participated in an array of leadership courses at the Strathmore Business School and the esteemed Nanyang University in Singapore. Esther is a full member of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) and the Strathmore Business School (SBS).

When she is not working, Esther enjoys travel, and dancing and has a keen eye for fashion and style. She has also co-authored a book ‘She Leads’ on Women’s Leadership.